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Improcus Business Improvement

We provide practical solutions for finance, information, operations, supply chain, strategic and organisational management.
Our process is to undertake...
  • an MRI Scan of your business
  • a deep dive to understand key drivers to increase shareholder wealth
  • an analysis of the 4P's: Process, Proficiency, Productivity and Profitability, to unlock the value that exists in your business
  • to develop an action plan to achieve outcomes working with your team to deliver
  • financial reporting using the M4RI (Model 4 Real Improvement) to support key decision making.

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    Industry Involvement

    • Food Industry
    • Importing / Wholesale
    • Transport
    • Retirement
    • Fashion / Retail
    • Construction
    • Advertising
    • Manufacturing

    Client Successes

    • Improved cash-flow $1.3m on debtors of $4.8m
    • Fixed overhead reductions of 20% to 25%
    • Sales Cycle reduced from 6 months to 6 weeks
    • Increase factory throughput x3 using 50% capacity
    • Gross margin improvement 24% to 45%